A message from Justin Gray

A friend of mine from university days passed away recently and what is tragic about that is not only was he a young and dynamic man when I knew him but he was also a passionate sports person with a real love for life and his sport! He was involved in a horrific accident which robbed him of his ability to follow his passion as he was confined to a bed for almost 3 years, unable to move and barley able to communicate!
For me that would be the worst possible way to live, unable to move when once it was such a big part of your life! Many of us take the gift of our health and our ability to move freely for granted, we see having to go to the gym as a punishment or running a 5km as a form of Torture! 

Well with the passing of Rich Holland I am reminded how precious life is and how easily we take the greatest of blessings for granted! If you are able to lace up your shoes and go outside, breath in deeply and feel your muscle ache and burn as you set off on your run then DO IT and realise that it is a BLESSING and GIFT!
I will try never again complain of sore muscles or lack of energy to go and be active because I know that around the world right now there are so many people who would trade places with you in a heart beat to be able to walk, run, jump, swim freely!

Lets be mindful, lets be grateful and lets go outside and run for people like Richard who cant but would have given anything for just one more swim/bike/run!