Frequently Asked Questions

What is Back On Your Bike?
Back On Your Bike is a fundraising effort for Richard Holland who was injured in a cycling accident (whilst training in Dubai) on 11 October 2012.

How is the Fund being administered?
In order to ensure complete transparency and appropriate governance, Back On Your Bike Trust is officially registered in South Africa; under South African law and signed on 14/12/2012.

The full beneficiary of the Trust is Richard John Sothern Holland (ID 8211305191087).

Trust Deed

How will the funds donated be used?
The money raised through Back On Your Bike will be used entirely to support Richard’s medical needs and recovery.

Back On Your Bike has been established to assist Rich Holland and his family by raising money to cover his :

  • Immediate and future medical care (including neuro surgery, ICU and hospital stays in Dubai & South Africa);
  • Intensive neurological and physical rehabilitation in South Africa to provide him with the very best chance of recovery;
  • Long-term hospital fees and out-patient care
  • Home care: Modified house, custom wheelchair, customised vehicle for transport, hospital bed, hoist and other medical equipment.
  • 3 x daily liquid feeds for the future through PEG tube at R150 per day.
  • Unforeseen medical and related expenses.

What is Richard’s prognosis?

Rich’s condition is now stable, but he still requires intensive medical supervision.  Due to the type of brain injury that Richard sustained in this awful accident, his brain stem was injured. This has resulted in a loss of motor messages to his body and at present he is unable to move his body voluntarily at all. Only time and intense neuro rehab will tell if this motor control will be regained. This is obviously very frustrating and frightening for him and means he requires constant turning and repositioning to prevent pressure sores. He also requires intensive physiotherapy to keep his limbs mobile and prevent stiffness and contractures.

Rich is South African born and was therefore repatriated (on 23 Jan 2013), courtesy of AXA insurance, to Cape Town. South Africa.

He is living at home with his parents in Cape Town. Rich has a few wonderful carers who turn him every 1-2 hours to prevent bed sores, care for him, deliver his liquid feed (Peg Tube into his stomach) for sustenance as well as given him oral feeds (Pronutro, yoghurt, chocolate, wheatbix) for a flavour treat daily.

His family and carers provide constant physical support to his physio’s and other specialists who are working hard to give Rich the best chance of recovery of his mobility and speech in time.

What about medical aid cover?

Rich was living in UAE and therefore does not have full medical cover in South Africa yet. This means that his care and ALL costs currently are being covered by the family, and through your generous donations. The costs are astronomically high and we are already so immensely grateful for all the donations received thus far.


Back On Your Bike Trust is officially registered in South Africa; under South African law and signed on 14/12/2012.

To assist Rich with his medical rehab and other related expenses, an independent trust has been set up, controlled by RMB Private Bank, a division of First Rand Bank Ltd in South Africa. RMB Private Bank will act as trustees and administer any donations or contributions made by members of the public to support Richard.

The full beneficiary of the Trust is Richard John Sothern Holland (ID 8211305191087).


In the interests of transparency, here for your perusal is the mandate as agreed by all the trustees for Back on Your Bike Trust.

The primary objective of the trust is to raise funds for the benefit of Richard John Sothern Holland, specifically in the area of his medical requirements, and his general maintenance and well-being.

Without limiting the generality of this objective, the trustees are authorised to disburse funds as follows:

1. To pay Richard’s direct medical costs, including all medicines, costs of medical professionals and other service providers who assist him,and all medical equipment and related items required by him, as a result of his medical condition.

2. To pay all tangible expenses that were directly incurred in sourcing income for the trust.

3. To pay all statutory and professional costs of the trust that may arise from time to time.

4. To reimburse members of his immediate family, and any other person who renders support to Richard, for proven, tangible expenses incurred in the course of rendering support to him.

5. To employ on a full-time or part-time basis any nurse, care-giver or similar support personnel who in the opinion of the trustees need to be employed specifically to render services to Richard, as his circumstances may dictate from time to time.

6. To make any other payments which the trustees, by unanimous consent, are satisfied fall within the ambit of the above objectives, and would be acceptable to the body of donors, who have donated funds towards this cause, mindful of the objectives of the trust.

7. At their discretion, having regard for the financial situation of the trust and Richard’s needs, the trustees may from time to time consider donating funds to related medical research, charities in a related field, other patients with serious life-threatening ailments, and institutions that meet these objectives.

8. It is however specifically recorded that no trustee will be paid for his or her time in executing thier duties as trustee. Such time is given voluntarily, free of charge.