Sister of the Mister – training update

Hello ‪#‎TeamRich‬. Pips here… Fun story for you all.
I had a “meeting” with my trainer & legendary brother Richard on Sunday. Me, the lazy sister is facing the 2 oceans half in just a few weeks time, followed by the Knysna Half in July and I wanted to make sure my training was on track. I’m currently running / training 3 x per week and getting a slow but consistent time for a 5km run around 33 – 35 mins…
Rich horrified with my time for a 5km (he was a 5min / km runner) swiftly blinks out this response “Pips, you need to be doing 5 runs a week!”. “5?”, I say. “5?? I mean I can’t run 5 times per week, are you sure Rich?? He looks up for yes.
“What about my social life?” He laughs…
Clearly the sister of the mister is not quite the fit sister she needs to be. Onwards to the prom to get more runs in… PS. sorry friends, but you won’t be seeing me for sundowner cocktails for a while…

Running 2015km in 2015 for Rich

Keep track of Russel and his Brother who are running 2015km for Rich in 2015 on the website: Incredible support from an incredible family.

There is also a Facebook page: to stay up to date.

In 2014 Tammy La Grange, a close family friend of the Zim Hollands took it upon herself to raise funds towards the Back On Your Bike campaign. Tammy humble in her persona managed to raise over US$3000 and covered 2014km in 2014.

2015 sees new challenges, hurdles and mountains to climb, so Russel set the challenge once again with thanks to Tammy, by running 2015km in 2015 for the Back on your Bike campaign. With great support and encouragement Russel’s twin brother Ryan will be running as well taking on the 2015km in 2015 challenge together to raise awareness and funds towards Bike On Your Bike.

70.3 Iron(Wo)Man – for Rich

Congrats and gratitude to Jax Lotter who successfully completed SA Ironman 70.3 this past week end. She arranged to be sponsored per kilometer and dedicated her achievement to Rich. Many thanks Jax. Awesome job all round.

Thank you Sara-Lise Haith and Martin Harris

Sara-Lise Haith and Martin Harris, resident cyclists in Dubai who train with Rich’s good friend Trace Rogers got married last October in Italy and they asked their guests to donate money to Richard instead of sending gifts. They had never met Rich but decided his needs were greater than theirs. What an incredible gesture of generosity and selflessness. Thank you again Sara-Lise and Martin – our gratitude is immense. We have put the funds towards extra sessions of Neuro Feedback as demonstrated below. Rich joins me in sending his love and thanks.