4 years since Rich’s accident

As I reflect on the past 4 years today, I know only a journey of spectacular courage, grace and the deepest love. LOVE was everything that made your journey possible. Your indomitable spirit of loving everyone better, laughing to make everyone feel ok and teaching us that love and laughter were and are still the only way forward. How blessed we all were to share your life and to have you as our teacher. I try to live my life now through your great example of courage, grace and love. I take you with me in everything I do. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother and teaching me how to be the best person I can be. I am forever blessed by the gift of you.

Here is a link to the original post with some lovely pics of our Richie.

What a team! #TeamRich

What a team. What a journey of discovery for us all. Thank you to all these amazing therapists and Doctor and carers. You enriched all our lives and guided us through a forest which we did not know how to navigate. Through you we learned and hope to share xxx12189165_921699434593399_8926634574302235455_n 12189134_921698997926776_8060126843945022209_n 11987132_921699411260068_5227108338105749118_n 11228025_921699094593433_3802069408098775353_n 10453316_921869724576370_6368333848136113194_n 12241269_922563274507015_1205816272478346639_n 12234993_921699484593394_2579314968662068735_n 12219484_921699341260075_6016401882159236567_n 12208812_921699291260080_5438604120107147816_n 12196362_921699064593436_3170481222942707582_n 12196250_921699507926725_1604377311166173451_n 12193420_921699251260084_5090953867402092205_n 12191873_921699037926772_7091972900761618330_n 12191638_921699237926752_3508818580181987817_n 12191614_921699301260079_3012115306277326032_n 12190980_921699391260070_1479800053218234949_n 12190092_921699124593430_3316980767416496707_n 12189766_921698984593444_3610637946576692066_n


A message from Justin Gray

A friend of mine from university days passed away recently and what is tragic about that is not only was he a young and dynamic man when I knew him but he was also a passionate sports person with a real love for life and his sport! He was involved in a horrific accident which robbed him of his ability to follow his passion as he was confined to a bed for almost 3 years, unable to move and barley able to communicate!
For me that would be the worst possible way to live, unable to move when once it was such a big part of your life! Many of us take the gift of our health and our ability to move freely for granted, we see having to go to the gym as a punishment or running a 5km as a form of Torture! 

Well with the passing of Rich Holland I am reminded how precious life is and how easily we take the greatest of blessings for granted! If you are able to lace up your shoes and go outside, breath in deeply and feel your muscle ache and burn as you set off on your run then DO IT and realise that it is a BLESSING and GIFT!
I will try never again complain of sore muscles or lack of energy to go and be active because I know that around the world right now there are so many people who would trade places with you in a heart beat to be able to walk, run, jump, swim freely!

Lets be mindful, lets be grateful and lets go outside and run for people like Richard who cant but would have given anything for just one more swim/bike/run!


Richie’s goodbye

#‎TeamRich‬ worldwide.

The family will hold a very intimate cremation service on Friday 13th November as per Richie’s request.

His life will be celebrated on Saturday 14th November 2015 across the world with the release of orange or white balloons as we celebrate his life and his release into eternal life.

As Rich has friends and family all over the world that are so special to him we would like you to join in the universal love and celebration of his life by writing a personal send off to Rich on your balloon and releasing it into the sky, wherever you are.

Rich would want us to be happy and to celebrate, so wear something orange, bring your balloons and lets send this amazing boy off on his eternal ride. How blessed we all were to know him.

Saturday 14th November

South Africa 10h00 at 9 Fern Close, Constantia.

Dubai 12h00
Melbourne 19h00
Sydney 19h00
Perth 16h00
Brisbane 18h00
Toronto, New York, Charlotte 03h00
San Diego 00h00
Stockholm 09h00
London 08h00
Ireland 08h00
Mauritius 12h00

Rich is finally back on his bike

8 November 2015 —

We are heart broken because our beautiful son and brother Richie has left us. After three brave years of trying and fighting to overcome his traumatic brain injury he finally succumbed to it and on Sunday 8 November left this earth and his tortured body to soar with the Angels. We miss him so much already. But we want to celebrate the wonderful vibrant human that he was. We will never forget his bravery through the injury and the energy with which he lived his life to the full before the accident. His humour and sweet nature got him through three intolerable and painful years of locked in syndrome and blinding headaches. We loved caring for him and are so grateful we had the time to massage, motivate and love him as much as we could. There was no treatment or therapy we did not try. Our deepest thank you to all of you for your unending support and love for Rich. So much of this three years of this hard work and rehabiliation has been through the support, love and enormous generosity from all of you.He felt it and so did we.

What we would love you to do now is post your best Richie memories for us. We want to remember the good times and it would mean so much to read them here.

Bye Richie our courageous soldier. You fought a good fight. We are so proud of that. Soar well. We love you to the end and beyond. Forever and ever in our hearts. Go well beautiful soul. We hope heaven has a beautiful new bike for you. You deserve it. We are so blessed that you chose to be in our lives.

Much Love