So much news!

Hi #TeamRich

We’re sorry about the slow updates on the website – BUT we do daily updates on the Facebook Page so please visit that page too!

There has been so much going on lately with finding and training carers for Rich, purchasing a modified car that fits a wheelchair, renting a house for Rich and his parents to move into, sourcing home care equipment, and settling his mum and Krysia into a new life (bank account, cell phones, car rentals). As you can imagine, life has been a very hectic adjustment for not only Rich, but his family too.

Rich got a surprise visit from Australia from his amazing Dad (Colin Rothschild). What a reunion. What an amazing dad. Colin is moving to Cape Town very soon to join Judy, Krysia and Rich. Rich’s parents have been living in Australia as permanent residents for the past few years, but due to this tragic accident and the fact that Rich is not an Australian resident and can’t move there, they have repatriated back to South Africa for the foreseeable future. A massive move for the whole family to start again in Cape Town, and under such trying circumstances. Krysia, Rich’s dedicated girlfriend has also moved to South Africa from Dubai to be with her man. <3







Rich has been making some good progress in rehab lately. Only very tiny steps, but steps none the less. He has developed enough strength in his neck to hold his head up for 182 counts. Anele you make a good neck rest and you are soon going to be counting to infinity with Rich soon. Rich has his trachea completely removed now and is swallowing regularly. Still early days on the communication front, he makes loads of noise and laughs, but will be a long patient road of intensive speech therapy to get some form of communication back.

Rich is still fed daily through the PEG tube in his stomach too, but loves a teaspoon of something delicious when possible.

This is our version of ecstasy. WATER. Rich adores having his hands and feet in water. Time to get the hydrotherapy going as he is the most relaxed and comfortable when water is involved.








Rich’s family are certainly blessed to be in the peaceful tranquility of Cape Town during this tragic time. Daily mountain walks are a time to gain perspective, deal with grief and emotion, and take some time out. Team Rich did an early morning walk on the mountain at Constantia neck recently on a glorious day in Cape Town. We are all waiting for Rich to come home so we can find lovely mountain paths to share with him…

Rich has also had so many special visitors recently! Saturday he had a great visit from Dijon and Fran De Jager Thanks for the love. Rich was so happy to see you both. Rich also a visit from Pippa’s best friend Danielle Moolman who he hasn’t seen in years. His beaming smile lit up the room when she sneaked in for a surprise visit.









There have also been some amazing updates on fundraising and efforts from all the BOYB and Rich supporters all over the world. Thank you all for your incredible support, we would be lost without you!

Rich’s cousins Benji and Emma Holland (in Zimbabwe) have organised a Run for Rich on 16 March – Click here for more details on the event, or to participate. All proceeds go to BOYB!

Navid Eshghi took Rich on an epic journey recently, he took him to the top of the world! Navid climbed Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak at 5:45 am , Feb 14th 2013. Altitude 5895 meters, highest point of Europe, Africa and Middle East. Thank you for taking Rich with you. This was so incredible and we pray that one day Rich can climb with you!

There is a group of 25 of Rich’s close mates in Dubai competing in the Abu Dhabi triathlon in 10 days, a grueling feat of  1.5m swim, 100km ride, 10km run. Sam Whittam wrote a great article about his race ahead – thanks Sam. You’re a true friend.

We also have the epic Fighting Chance event happening in May, in Dubai. A phenomenal fight night with elite international rugby players and sports men and women competing in a black tie, amateur boxing fight night.For more information on the event see the Facebook Page or here.

Fighting Chance personalities fighting for BackOnYourBike and Rich are:

For the SOUTH:

  1. Kahn Fotuali’i (Samoa)
  2. Brian Lima (Samoa)
  3. Carlos Spencer (NZ)
  4. Chester Williams (South Africa)
  5. Conrad Jantjes (SA)
  6. Bolla Conradie (SA)

For the NORTH:

  1. Gareth Thomas (Wales)
  2. Shane Williams (Wales)
  3. Shane Byrne (Ireland)
  4. Non Evans (Wales)
  5. Sean Long (England)