Since starting the BOYB trust fund in November 2012, your donations and support have allowed us to cover to so much! First and foremost, Rich’s medical care is covered. This includes in-patient neuro rehab treatment with physio, occupational therapy and speech therapy. It includes his PEG Tube feeds, catheters and all medical supplies.

But, on top of that, your donations have helped us purchase the following crucial medical devices for Rich:

1. Specialised electronic extra length bed with extra postural and positioning features (6ft2 Rich didn’t fit a normal hospital bed!)

2. Customised bed blocks for correct positioning in the bed to enhance range and reduce tone

3. A hoist for lifting Rich in and out of bed, onto commode and onto wheelchair

4. Commode

5. Customised vehicle for transportation of Rich whilst he is in his wheelchair. (Rich can’t be positioned in a seat, he has to be transported whilst in his wheelchair. This meant cutting out the floors and seats of a vehicle to fit his chair in.

6. Customised wheelchair for our tall IronMan to sit in correctly

7. Electronic lazy boy for him to sit in when not in bed or at treatment

8. A standing tilt table to ensure weight through the joints, blood pressure stabilisation, avoidance of deep vein thromboses and improved proprioception.

Our aim is now is to get the RT300 Electronic Cycle from USA (cost $22,000) – a computer contollled programme that prevents muscles from atrophying as well as ameliorating (making better the) brittleness of the bones. the RT300 is linked to a passive pedal mechanism for the legs and a similar one for the arms and hands and the electrical stimulation causes the muscles to work and pedal just as they would normally. This increases blood flow to the muscles, increases oxygen into the blood stream and increases the heart rate. The result is functioning muscles and limbs in the the event of a full or partial recovery. Due to Rich’s love of cycling, we believe that apart from the functional benefit of this equipment, the psychological benefit will be immense as he can train with DVDs of different races and feel that he is part of these again. This also stimulates the message from the brain to the relevant muscles and helps to trigger muscle memory and neural pathways. With the RT300-SLSA: while leg cycling, you can stimulate up to 10 muscle groups in one or both of your legs and your trunk; while arm cycling, you can stimulate up to 10 muscle groups in one or both of your arms and your trunk.