Rich is home!!!!!!!

YIPPEEEEEEE – We are HOME!! Finally after 4.5 months in Hospital *since 11 October 2012.

We are busking it in our darling lite Cellar Lodge cottage in the amazing Pam Goldings garden. We will move into another house on Pam’s property on 15 April but it was so right for Rich and us not to be in a hospital environment any longer.
Rich now begins a real tough challenge of intense Physio, speech and occupational therapy on a daily out patient basis. He still has a very long and challenging road ahead but we are right beside him and have faith and hope in abundance and we know that Rich is always up for a challenge.
Please come visit Rich at home. He would love to see you all. Thank you all Rich Holland’s BOYB supporters for your continued love and support. If you want to come visit Rich, please email, call Krysia or Geri, or send us a message on Facebook and we can arrange.

First night home and special visit from darling Christopher Drummond and the bestest Geri Wessels


At last a Saturday morning cuddle and chill time without rushing in to the hospital. Life feeling more normal for us all and Rich is ECSTATIC to be home.

This is called seating correction in the new chair!!! Looks more like final hugs before we go home. Yesterday as we prepared to go home and big sad hugs and goodbyes to awesome Elzabe and lovely Lauren. We will really miss you amazing therapists. You helped Rich turn another corner.