Richie’s goodbye

#‎TeamRich‬ worldwide.

The family will hold a very intimate cremation service on Friday 13th November as per Richie’s request.

His life will be celebrated on Saturday 14th November 2015 across the world with the release of orange or white balloons as we celebrate his life and his release into eternal life.

As Rich has friends and family all over the world that are so special to him we would like you to join in the universal love and celebration of his life by writing a personal send off to Rich on your balloon and releasing it into the sky, wherever you are.

Rich would want us to be happy and to celebrate, so wear something orange, bring your balloons and lets send this amazing boy off on his eternal ride. How blessed we all were to know him.

Saturday 14th November

South Africa 10h00 at 9 Fern Close, Constantia.

Dubai 12h00
Melbourne 19h00
Sydney 19h00
Perth 16h00
Brisbane 18h00
Toronto, New York, Charlotte 03h00
San Diego 00h00
Stockholm 09h00
London 08h00
Ireland 08h00
Mauritius 12h00