Back On Your Bike Trust

November 2015 update ***

We are heart broken because our beautiful son and brother Richie has left us. After three brave years of trying and fighting to overcome his traumatic brain injury he finally succumbed to it and on Sunday 8 November left this earth and his tortured body to soar with the Angels. We miss him so much already. But we want to celebrate the wonderful vibrant human that he was. We will never forget his bravery through the injury and the energy with which he lived his life to the full before the accident. His humour and sweet nature got him through three intolerable and painful years of locked in syndrome and blinding headaches. We loved caring for him and are so grateful we had the time to massage, motivate and love him as much as we could. There was no treatment or therapy we did not try. Our deepest thank you to all of you for your unending support and love for Rich. He felt it and so did we. What we would love you to do now is post your best Richie memories for us. We want to remember the good times and it would mean so much to read them here.

Bye Richie our courageous soldier. You fought a good fight. We are so proud of that. Soar well. We love you to the end and beyond. Forever and ever in our hearts. Go well beautiful soul. We hope heaven has a beautiful new bike for you. You deserve it. We are so blessed that you chose to be in our lives…

We love you